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Legal Document Preparation

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Self-Help Legal Document Assistance

Legal documents can seem overly complicated to the average person who doesn’t spend all their days looking at them. Our team of legal document assistants are well experienced in preparing legal documents ensuring that they contain all the relevant information required to meet our clients needs. Here we have outlined a few of the common legal documents we are requested to prepare for our clients and how they may be of assistance to you either now or later in life.

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Power Of Attorney

A power of attorney is the delegation of one person to another to allow them to deal with certain financial or legal matters on their behalf. To enable a person to do this, there needs to be a relevant legal document created as proof that the powers of the individual have been delegated to another. Our team ensure that all the relevant information is contained to outline the level of authority delegated and in which circumstances to ensure our clients are well looked after and in the best hands with their interests protected. There can be certain timeframes that the powers are delegated, or this can be indefinite if the client is unable to make decisions due to age or disability.

Employment Contracts

If you are a business owner with employees, you will need to have an official employment contract. The purpose of the contract is to outline the responsibilities and duties of each the employer and employee to ensure that a functional working relationship is achieved. Our team of experienced professionals have completed a number of employment contracts for companies and understand the types of clauses that must be included to make the contract a legally binding document. We work with our clients to make this contract fair for both employers and employees.

Landlord-Tenant Issues

Being a landlord can come with headaches with tenants either not paying or destroying your property. When it’s time to present a tenant with an eviction notice, it is imperative that these documents are completed by a legal document assistant as you certainly do not want anything to go wrong. By hiring us, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with your landlord/tenant legal documents.

Name Change Documents

When you are first brought into this world, you are provided with a birth certificate which outlines the name you were given by your parents. This birth certificate is a legal document specific to an individual person. If for some reason you wish to change your name, you will be required to have an additional legal document that states that your name has changed after your birth and given birth name on the legal birth certificate. Our team are able to assist with this process and help to make it as streamlined as possible for our clients.

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Civil Process Procedure

For many consumers the legal system is the most intimidating entity they have ever encountered. There are huge bodies of law and information about almost everything. Few consumers have the time to wade through complex rules and cases to find out how to proceed. Most consumers can find out the substantive law. The actual case precedent, rule and statute that governs their case. Understanding court process and procedure is another matter entirely.

Have you been sued and confused about the process? How do you find out what procedures to follow? What do you do when you are served with “papers?” What gets filed first? What do you do next? How do you get the judge to listen to you? What is the process? When do you do what? How do you navigate through everything coming at you? If you find that you need to sue someone, without an attorney, the same questions apply.